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A Free Webinar on How toHow to develop the economy in NES

18-19 January 2022

The COVED19 virus outbreak has deteriorated the economic conditions in Syria, demonstrating that a single institution cannot solve all economic, environmental, social, and technological problems. Many of the factors contributing to economic decline are directly related to the conflict in Syria. Several other factors contributed greatly to the economic decline in northern and eastern Syria, including the polarization of politics, conflict, and blockade caused by the absence of any official crossings, especially after Al-Yarubiyah was closed, drought, climate change, and the absence of a long-term strategy. Among other factors, these have contributed to severe shortages of basic services such as electricity and water, as well as acute shortages of essential items such as bread and sugar.

There is an urgent need for alternative solutions that are self-sufficient in order to offset the decline in national income that has severely impacted the diversity, exacerbated divisions, and deepened differences that have developed in the absence of effective solutions.


" Successive crises have highlighted the weak capacities and capabilities of northern and eastern Syria, as well as the fragility of coalition relations with international organizations and donor governments, underscoring the growing need for alternative solutions that are self-sufficient rather than increasing Import from neighboring countries."

During the first TEVIN Economic Forum, the various sectors will form principles, policies and partnerships aimed at improving the economy and reducing poverty. Through this Forum, we hope to bring together political leaders, government officials, businessmen, civil society, and anyone else capable of making a positive impact for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Taking place in mid-January of the year 2022, the Tefen Economic Forum will bring together more than one hundred and fifty (150) high-ranking leaders along with representatives from the Autonomous Administration, civil society, donor governments, international organizations, and academia to discuss critical issues.


Two days will be devoted to finding innovative and bold solutions to stop the economic decline in the coming year by fostering dialogue between different sectors and leaders.

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